College and….we graduated!

It has been more than four months since our farewell at college and still it is one of those places where I feel like going back to again and again. When I look back at the past 3 years that seem to have just gone in a whirlpool, the more I realize how much I actually miss that place. I still go back with one excuse or the other and just cannot have have enough of the place. Yet when I had started college at St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College in 2012, I was rather neutral about my choice. I did choose this college over Jadavpur University by instinct and I am glad that I had done so. I got some of my best memories, friends and experiences at this campus but above all I grew up. The people I met here, the experiences I had in the three years built me the way I am today.


My college

College years are the best times that you can have in your life and before you know they are over. It is still quite unbelievable for me how the time just flew past. While the first year was rather long and dragged, I enjoyed studies for the first time in my life. I actually loved studying and for this I would be ever thankful to my teachers there whose teaching was a major reason why I enjoyed studying. The subject and your teachers can together make a whole lot of difference in how you approach education and I have always been luckyΒ at least about my English teachers since my childhood.
So what this post is all about? Is it just a memorial? Or suggestions and tips for the newbies at college on coping up? Well, a bit of both I guess.
The first few things that you would notice once you get admitted to your college are the classmates, the surroundings and the seniors. You can feel intimidated with the seniors but in reality they are the ones who can actually make your life in college way easier. Your seniors will be able to give you the best first hand information about the campus and the teachers and their personality, the best items at the college canteen or the nearby hangouts around your college that are pocket friendly and lastly previous years notes and tips.
Being extremely introverted I never really interacted a lot with my seniors but whenever I did approach them, they were really very helpful and easy to get along with.
In fact, when I look back to the college years, I hardly had any friends until third year. I was friendly with the entire class but friends who become a part of your life are always a rare few and I found some of them almost at the end of my college life.
We all have a image in our head about our future but the reality does not match with the image all the times. The same happened for me. The same happens to many of us during the transition from school to college. But the best way to face it is being flexible about your thoughts. It helped me a lot. Sure, I was disappointed when I did not pursue engineering and chose to go for English Honours and was even more disappointed that I could not go to a “better” college. But from the very first day I entered the premises of the college as a student, I made up my mind that I will not look back to what “could have been”. That was one thought which I never allowed myself to dwell on. I even isolated myself from any situation that might provoke me to think that way. Be positive always.
College life is more flexible than school and that initiates the necessity to maintain a balance all the more. Have fun but do not forget your studies. Never thought I would be saying this but it is a fact for sure. A continuous schedule of studies is better than last minute mugging up- I learnt this the hard way but at least I did before my first year exams. πŸ™‚
Lastly, college is not the end of your life but rather the beginning. There is a lot to explore and college is a good start for those explorations. For me, exploring and living up to my college life truly began with the last few months of third year. Making new friends, going out, pajama parties and everything came in with my four friends from college- Poulomi, Soutik, Sohom and Rohit.

Soutik and Poulomi- I do owe you guys for making those long hours of gaps between classes fun and so full of madness. I will survive and remember every details of them to narrate to your kids. πŸ˜‰
Soham- You were always all ears when I felt the need to jabber for hours on you-know-what. Buddy, you are one guy who have always been there since first year even when we hardly met or talked for days at a stretch, because when we did you made me feel like those long gaps never existed. I will always be there to charge you pulling your collars when I need to.( You do know what I mean).
Rohit- We met on the last legs of our college days but you are one of the few who became as close a friend within such a short span of time. I will keep irritating you even more with each passing day! πŸ˜€


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