Pasta in Red sauce and spices

A spicier version of my previous white pasta , this is another favorite of mine which I usually prepare most often. the ingredients used are always available at home at least for me and so I can easily make it whenever I want to. Though this is spicier but still I would say it is healthier as it does not contain raw eggs like the other variety. So here goes the recipe. the amount will yield enough for four people easily.



  • pasta- boiled, 400grams
  • onions- chopped 2 large
  • carrots- 1 medium chopped in thin slices
  • capsicum- 1 chopped in thin slices
  • beans- 5 chopped
  • chicken- boneless, boiled and shredded- 200grams
  • salt and pepper to taste

For the sauce:

  • Tomato sauce- half  cup
  • soya sauce- 4 tablespoon
  • vinegar- 2tablespoon
  • chilli sauce- according to taste
  • in the cup, stir all these together- it will yield about a cup of the sauce



In a pan, stir fry the vegetables in a spoonful of olive oil once the oil is hot enough. Add the boiled chicken bits to the pan and also salt and pepper to taste. Stir them a bit and then add the sauce hat you have prepared- add about a third of the entire sauce. close down the lid and let it cook in low flame until the veggies are soft and the chicken bits juicy with the sauce. Now at the boiled pasta to the vegetables and chickens in layers. simply add some of the pasta, a bit of the sauce and stir together. keep adding until you have added the whole of the pasta. Use the entire sauce that you have prepared.


  • go easy on the salt as you are already using the sauces which contain salts already.
  • you can use anything instead of chicken or along with chicken.
  • grilled chicken will taste even better
  • you can go vegan as well.
  • replace the soya sauce with Worcestershire sauce for a tangier taste
  • you can use Tabasco sauce instead of powdered pepper as well.



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