Friends with Benefits

He asked,” So? What do you want? Ask for anything and I will do it. If you are happy, so am I.”
Her eyes lit seeing the very statement and her mid wandered off to all that she really wants. What I want? You really want to know what I truly want? Man, you’d be surprised.
I want to lie beside you and just stay like that, still and silent- marveling the beauty of silence. I want to behave utterly silly without worrying about looking appealing or good to you. I want to cuddle up to you after every time we make love. I don’t like the way you withdraw and move away like strangers. I want to fall asleep knowing that you are there beside me. Every time I wake up in the dead of the night, I want to see you asleep beside me. Can we just be like every other couple in love? I sure need the sex and you are good, but do you make me happy? No. How can I be happy knowing that there will never be anything more than that? The warmth of the bodies is just not warm enough to touch the heart. I know you do not trust anyone with your heart. I know I cannot be always there when you wake up from bad dreams at night. But I cannot help it when with every passing day you become more than just a friend with benefits for me. You will never know that. You do not really notice my eyes and I can see that. I won’t tell you again. we are friends with benefits and that is all.

All went through her mind within seconds and none came to her lips. Her heart bore it all. When she replied the text, the seductress spoke through her lips again,” Surprise me”, and winked. Lucky, they are just text messages, lucky technology is there to back up every pretense.

Somewhere deep down, the woman in her wept.


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