Festive Golden Neutral Eyes and makeup tutorial

Golden Eyes, pinkish nude lips and a glowing face is a universally flattering look for every women with olive or indian skin tone- fair to dusky, this is one of the classic and safe look that anyone can pull through with ethnic attire and look stunning. Perfect for wedding ceremonies, this look have been created time and again. So here is the breakdown for the entire look that I have created.

The eyeshadows used from the palette are numbered in the picture and accordingly mentioned by their respective numbers in the Tutorial. I did not use any kind of primer for this look since I would have been removing the makeup anyways after a few minutes but depending on the brand and your liking, you can use eyeshadow and face primers.

DSCN2041 copy DSCN2043 copy DSCN2040 copy
Things Used:

  • Maybelline Dream Matte liquid Mousse foundation- shade- light 5
  • Maybelline hyper curl mascara waterproof
  • Maybelline collosal kajal
  • Avon simply pretty lipstick- Romance
  • Maybelline cheeky glow Blusher- Creamy Cinnamon
  • Clinique Travel kit- Sun kissed Bronzer
  • Lakme eyeconic eyes brown
  • Buyincoins 120 eyeshadow pallete #3
  • Brushes- BIC stippling brush, BIC tapered end brush, BIC eyeshadow blending brush, Sponge tip applicators.


The tutorial:
I started with washing my face thoroughly before doing anything else. This is the vital step of any look- clean up all grime and dirt and freshen up before you apply any makeup because you will look tired anyway if you do not clean up. After that I applied aloe vera gel from Patanjali which is suitable for oily skin. This acted as a base for the makeup I am going to apply. I then took a pump of the foundation on the back of my hand and with the stippling brush I picked it up from there and stippled in on for a natural finish. I blended the foundation well down my throat as well. Sucking in my cheeks, I applied the bronzer along my jawbone for slight contouring. I used the blusher on the apple of my cheeks. I blended them together for softening the effect overall. For the lips I used two swipes of the lipstick.
Method for eyes:

  • I started with lining the upper lash line with the black kohl from Maybelline.
  • With the help of sponge tip applicators, I applied shade 1 all over my eyelids. I used the applicators for the maximum pigmentation and color intensity.
  • I blended out the shade 1 with shade 2 in the upper half of the eyelid with the applicators as well.
  • In the outer two-third I applied shade 3 with the blending brush.
  • I used the shade 4 for neutralising all the shimmers and blending them together into a balanced look overall. The matte brown acted as a transition color in the outer corner of my eyes and in the crease.
  • Shade 5 was blended in little amount on the brow bone for highlights.
  • Shade 1 was used as highlights for the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Use the brown kohl in the corner of your eyes in the lower lid and blend it till the 2/3rd of your eyes.


  • There are several ways of applying your foundation- I found that the method I mentioned above is best suited for getting the most natural finish with this particular foundation from Maybelline.
  • There is no ingredient list for the BIC palletes- but the quality in terms of staying power and pigmentation is really good and I have been using it for months now without any side effect. But I would not recommend it if you are squeamish about ingredients.
  • If you are wearing this in the morning- skip the bronzer.
  • Suits perfectly well with ethnic dresses.
  • Any lipstick shade will equally suit this eye makeup- but play up the lips keeping in mind the occasion, the lighting you will get and the time of the day.
  • Do not overdo the foundation- you do not want to scare people in real life and look endearing on in the photos, do you?



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