DIY hair care- look great in minutes

Hi all!
It has been long since I last posted on my blog. I know I have been terribly irregular with my updates so today I have come back with some DIY tips which I follow for myself. It was Mahalaya yesterday and hence Durga Puja which is the greatest festival of Bengalis is just a week away. This is the time when we all do our level best to groom and take care of our hair and skin so that we can look our best throughout the Puja. After all pandal hopping is not just about roaming around the city but also making sure you can draw enough attention to yourself.
Your hair and skin is your base asset which you should take good care of. Today I am going to share my hair care routine which I follow to make sure I look my best during the pujas. My hair is basically ringlets which tend to get really frizzy during rainy season and remain so till the pujas so I do my best to tame them and keep them hydrated. the following pack will help you manage your hair well.

Key ingredients: Castor oil, Olive oil, Egg yolk, lemon juice
Making the pack is quite easy. Simply mix 2 egg yolk( this is the amount I require for my shoulder length hair), 2 tablespoon castor oil, 4 table spoon virgin coconut oil and 1 tablespoon lemon juice together. Spread this emulsion all over you scalp and hair and let it dry for 1 hour. After that, rinse off the solution with any mild shampoo. The lemon juice fights dandruff and also neutralises the smell of the eggs. The oils hydrate the hair and it is universally well known that egg is a good source of protein for hair. When your hair dries, the effect would be smooth, silky and soft hair. Do this once a week at least.
Apart from the packs I also use serums to tame them and give them that extra shine. When I do not have serums at hand, I simply apply couple of drops of non-sticky hair oils whichever I have at hand. Currently I substitute serums with the virgin coconut oil from Aloe Veda. Review would be coming up soon. All I have experienced till now is that it is excellent as a non-stick oil- not at all the sticky heavy drugstore coconut oil type.



In this case, i have the egg whites from two eggs which are left over. you can easily fry them and scramble them up and add them with sprouts salads with little amount of garlic vinaigrette.


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