Diwali special Look Book- Day and night look

With diwali being round the corner, the festive season in India is almost coming to an end- or I did rather say just beginning since, at least in Bengal, we do not leave out any celebration or chance to be festive. Ranging from durga puja to Id including christmas and ending with sarawati puja, the festive season actually starts from late september and ends around mid march- not really that long a time period? 😛 For us the women at least, festivities remain incomplete without complementary dress up. Diwali and Kali puja being the festivals of light are the best time to dress up and look your best- with the soft light of diyas around anyone is bound to look their best in a mysteriously beautiful way. So here are two looks that I created keeping in mind the festive season.

E1 E

The first one is more of neutral eyes and bright lips that I have created on myself. This look would look equally good both in the day and the night time if you are at all going to dress up in the morning that is. The eyes are done with a combination of gold, burnt orange eyeshadows which are of pearl finish all over the lid and a peach red (pearl finish) for the crease that is blended with a burnt sienna brown matte shadow  for transition colour. The upper lid is lined with black liner. The lipstick used is orange and maroon ombre to tone down the neonish glow of the orange lipstick.

RSCN3456 RSCN3455 DSCN3427

The second one that I have created on my sister is a blue based smoky eyes. The primary shades used are two shades of cool toned blue eyeshadows of pearl finish blended with another pearl finish purple shadow. The blending in the crease is done with a matte deep violet and black matte shadow and the eyes are lined with black liner. This is more festive and gorgeous and I would rather prefer it for night time. For both the looks I have contoured the face with matte bronzer- though the contour is more evident on my sister than on myself. For her look, I have used a dusty rosy pink shade of lipstick.

DSCN3408 DSCN3399 DSCN3398

You can easily recreate this looks with any eyeshadow of similar shade of choice- I used my BIC palette for my sister and the Naked 2 palette dupe just for the gold shadow in it. For my lipstick I used Colorbar velvet matte in shade obsessed orange and Lakme enrich satin in 426 shade. On my sister I used Estee Lauder double wear lipstick in stay ginger.

Modelled by Amrapali Pramanik of – http://thefoodiesisters.wordpress.com

The website is still under construction and going to be majorly about food and recipes.


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