halloween makeup ideas- two quick and scary looks

Hi, it has been quite sometime that i have last posted. Even today, this is going to be a short and quick post of the looks I created for this Halloween. One is done on myself and the other on my sister. Do let me know what you think of them. I created the looks solely in the craze of doing something on Halloween since it fascinates me but there is hardly any celebration of the day in India. However, we do have “Bhut chaturdoshi”  before the Kali pujas which is a Indian equivalent of Halloween for kids.  In most places, it is considered the day for paying respect to your fourteen generations of forefathers. Traditionally fourteen diyas are lit and a combination of fourteen green leafy vegetable is served as a compulsory part of your diet to ward off the ghosts who are said to come in the closest proximity to us on this day in particular. Even clay models of ghosts are made. To kids, the real fun lies in the preparation of kali puja which is the day immediately after bhut chaturdoshi. The preparation include usual traditional rituals to their own innovations of mischief like starting a bonfire or dressing up as ghosts. The craze is observed mainly in villages though it is becoming quite rare today.

Since I really did not have much to do on this day in kolkata since I am not a party enthusiast and it goes without mentioning the hundreds of time and deadline you have to keep in mind from your parents- in short, Halloween party are fables to me, I decided to scare my family members instead with my antiques. here are two looks I created for Halloween on myself and my sister. Hope you enjoy them!

wpid-img_20151101_015322.jpg wpid-fb_img_1446324800069-01.jpegMy sister do not look much of a ghost or scary either. basically she did not allow me to “mess” with her pretty face so I had to settle with a sexy exotic Egyptian ghost with burned throat.


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