Maybelline Superfresh Compact in Coral review

Though blessed and cursed with oily skin, I never liked compacts much. I would rather say that I was prejudiced against them. The white cast effect with flaky skin that I saw on aunties at wedding parties as a kid, that too in zoom mode when they would rush to pinch my cheeks, had put me off compacts for what is believed till now forever. Yet there are so many women who would swear by compacts and I had to find out why but within a budget. So when I saw these newly launched compacts by Maybelline I thought to give them a try after checking couple of reviews.

DSCN4012 (2) copy

Company claims:

Stay Fair & Fresh 12 Hours With The New White Super Fresh Compact

  • Maybelline New York introduces it’s all new perfecting compact powder, White Super Fresh that comes in three shades, Pearl, Shell and Coral. The new perlite formula absorbs oil and sweat and gives you a fresh look all through the day. Now bid goodbye to touch-ups and stay fresh and fair upto 12hours.
  • Here’s why you will love it:
  • – UV filters protects skin from both sun darkening and damage.
  • – Helps you stay 12HR Fair and Fresh
  • – Perlite, a pure mineral that helps absorbs oil and sweat.
  • – gives a naturally perfect-looking complexion
  • – Suitable for everyday use.

sourced from

Price: rs.150 for 8g


The compact comes in an all-white and sky blue cardboard box which encases the circular white plain compact tub. It clicks shuts firmly but is very lightweight- almost to the extent where it feels like flimsy but the overall finish of the packaging is practical, travel friendly and handy. The compact has a sponge but I find it useless. The mirror is a clear winner though. It is clear, bright and just exact size for touch ups.

DSCN4014 copy

My view of the product:

I will start on a positive note- the oil control part- it is winter in Kolkata now and my skin ha started to feel dry though my t-zone still gets oil when I am outdoors though not as much as in summers. The compact easily survived 8hours and still looks fresh even on my t-zone without any unnatural shine. However I suppose this would not survive more than 4-5hours during summers. The powder is easily blende able and covers minor imperfections when used alone. the pigmentation is light and you can built it though after a while it can become cakey.

DSCN4013 copy

The major drawback is the shade selection. I must say it is extremely limited- even medium toned women would have hard time finding the best match but as it is sheer you can work it out. The range has three shades namely, pearl, shell and coral. Pearl is a pink based compact and is the lightest of the three and will only suit the fairest who are also the rarest in India unless you photoshop every women’s pictures. The shade shell is too yellow toned and though it would suit the indian skin tone well, it again would suit only the yellow toned fair girls. The shade coral which I got is a neutral tone-neither too pink nor too yellow. Though it is considered the darkest of the three I did not find any difference in colour depth, but just the in the tone when swatched. Basically shell and coral are of the same colour depth where one is with yellow undertones, the other is more neutral. I already had decided on shell before going to store but seeing the swatches coral seemed the safest choice since it is not darker than shell but not that yellow either. It does match my tone perfectly well.

DSCN4015 copy

I had sandy beige of the clear glow range of Maybelline to compare with and in terms of quality, this new one is a definite improvement. Sandy beige is the darkest shade of the clear glow range but still match me moderately well. Compared to sandy beige, the coral shade is more yellow toned and lighter. Overall, the compact is decent for the price you pay and part from the shade range I do not have anything to complain about.


as you can see, I have swatched it against a deeper colour which is actually a matte bronzer.

This is how it looks on me. In this picture I have just the compact on with light contouring.

DSCN4032 copy



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