Quick christmas look

With the Christmas approaching and is in 3days, here is a look that I created for this year. You can say this is my own dress rehearsal for Christmas. 😀 Hope you enjoy the tutorial! The LBD gives so many chances to play around with your look and so after much pondering, I decided on the satin taupe shadow with lined eyes and bright ombre red lips.

I am not very fond of heavy base and hence started with simple cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. Once the moisturizer got absorbed well, I used the Maybelline superfresh compact all over my face with the stippling brush and blended it well. I wanted a stronger contour than usual and hence contoured my face, nose and jawbone with the Freedom matte bronzer and a tapered brush. I finished the base makeup with hint of peach toned blush on my cheeks.

DSCN4020 copy

the face products

For the eyes, it was also very simple. I used shade 1, all over the eyelid and then using shade 2 made the crease line. I blended shade 2 and 3 in the crease and finished with shade 4 as transition colour. Then I lined the eyes with the Maybelline colossal liner and it is done.

DSCN4026 copy

DSCN4022 copy

products used for eyes

I emphasized the lips in this look and used a maroon toned red and a bright coral red together to create an ombre. I lined the outer part of my lips with the maroon lipstick and them applied the coral at the center of my lips. Blending them together gave a nice fiery red that is wearable in reality.

DSCN4018 copy

for lips


DSCN4032 copy

Forgive the saturation of the picture, I did not realize it is so bright unless I opened the link on my mobile to check the view of the post.


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