8 Budget valentine’s day gift ideas for him

Usually gifting the girl on any occasion is not that difficult unless your girlfriend or wife is completely offbeat in their personality or taste. But finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him can be tricky. Most gift shops focus on women-centric gift ideas since that is more commercially profitable, and finding a proper gift suitable for the day for your man becomes even more difficult than deciding on the perfect foundation. 😀 Guys too like getting pampered though few admits it and in fact, they do so as much as women. So here are some ideas that you can try out this year and surprise your boyfriend or husband that day and some of them actually would not cost you more than your effort and creativity.

The ready made gifts

It is understandable that not every one of us has the same level of creativity and then ready made ideas come to rescue. While a personalized paperweight or coaster looks fine, I always prefer something that would be useful and handy which he would always be using for some reason or the other.

Coffee mug set

The easiest option- personalize a cup with the best photos of your two for him. If you live with him, then get two such mugs.

Pocket notebook and pen

You will find plenty of classy choices and they can be the perfect gift for a serious and somber guy. Add a personal touch to the notebook with a handwritten note on the first page and trust me, he will treasure it.


Guys can never have enough of gadgets. If your budget is below Rs.500 then go for a pen-drive. There are plenty of choices which are high on performance, looks classy and has enough storage if you consider 16gb enough, that is. If you are willing to spend another 1000 bucks, then hands-free from top brands or a headset would surely get him jumping in joy.

Video games

Well, I am quite a novice in games actually and as far as my knowledge goes, now a days, the most popular video games are actually all online games. But if you have a boyfriend who is gaming freak you would know better about what he might want.


This is easy- all you have to know is his size. His favorite sports jersey or a shirt he has been eyeing online for a while- you just need to be alert about what he is looking for. An extra tip here- try picking up during the sales season by January if you want to get something within budget from top brands- we all have to take care of our pockets too.

May be there are exceptions, but as far as my knowledge goes, most guys downright hate teddies so unless you want that to be handed down to his sister or someone, do not attempt gifting teddies and heart shaped pillows to him.

DIY gift ideas

DIY is a very romantic idea if you can execute it well. For often than not, they hardy cost much except being tedious even, but that much effort would not hurt when you are madly in love. The DIYs can be anything ranging from the ones listed here or simply arranging the day such that you can have some great time together- all you need to spare is some sincere thought to it and understand what he would enjoy too.


Handmade card and chocolates

Guys like chocolates too and when you give a card that you have made yourself along with it, you really do not need to do anything else. Making a Valentine’s Day card is not exactly too difficult even if you are not good at painting- you can easily make a scrapbook of pictures you two treasures and also add quotes along with it- things you sincerely wish to say. Do not worry about your handwriting; if he is really into you, the words would matter, the handwriting would not.

Arrange candlelight

This arrangement would be even better if you do it properly at home. It is not very difficult to arrange. A couple of aromatic candles placed strategically around the dining room, and his favorite dishes preferably self-cooked if you can manage it. Oh, you can add a little handwritten note along with everything else.

Love notes


If you have access to his home or room even when he is not there, you can make his day really special with these little surprises. Think writing a love letter in parts. Decide the number of notes you wish to give him and time them such that he finds them through the day around the house. You can set alarms at the given time on his phone when he does not notice. Put little gifts like a pen, or pocket deodorant, or key chain along with every chit and let him eagerly wait to find the next chit and the gift along with it.

Lastly, even if it is a special day for couples, in reality there is nothing like “particular” or “special” day for each other. You can make every day your valentine’s day when you have little surprises and almost unnoticeable gestures of care for your valentine. Gifting does not have to be elaborate as long as you are genuine with what you do for him or her.



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