Voitre Face serum Review

However much I resolve not to indulge in more makeup and cosmetic products, resisting temptation is difficult when there are so many attractive offers and deals around us. I had been contemplating on subscribing for Fab Bag subscriptions for long and after going to through many mixed reviews about their repetitive and average products most of the time, I kept putting off the idea. Finally I subscribed after getting the notification that they would be giving one of the sugar matte lipsticks as a part of the bag. The voitre Face serum was among the other products that I received on that month. Read on to know how it fared for me.

The voitre face serum comes in a tiny glass bottle with a cap that also doubles as a dropper. The glass of the bottle is thick and dark- like the packaging of essential oils. The cap is golden in colour and there is a tag tied around the neck of the bottle that gives a brief introduction of the brand and also has the ingredient list.
Price: rs. 1500 approx. for 12ml


Texture and consistency
The product is milky and has a watery consistency. One has to shake the bottle every time before using it. The smell of the product is strong but not overpowering. The fragrance is heavenly. It is natural and floral and there is no artificiality about the scent.

My view on the Voitre Face serum:
I had already read a number of good reviews on this product and was ecstatic when I received it as a part of my first month fab bag subscription. This was my March fab bag subscription and my skin was feeling rather rough during the season change. I am not very dedicated about my skin care regime and only when there is some serious trouble that I feel the urge to take care of my skin. So needless to say, my skin was dry and chapped from the winter months and was some parts of my cheeks were hurting when I finally felt the need to be regular about moisturizing. This is when I received the serum.
One needs hardly a couple of drop of the serum for your entire face. After using the serum every night before bedtime for 15 days, I must admit the results were fabulous. First, the parts of my cheeks where the skin was chapped and flaking started healing and within a week it was completely healed- something that was just not happening even though I was already routinely using moisturizer twice a day since a week before getting this serum. By another week my skin was glowing, felt very soft to touch and was smooth and hydrated. The change was very much noticeable. My mother and my sister too used the serum. For my mother, the some of her dark spots were significantly reduced which hardy happened before even though she used various anti-ageing products. My sister also experienced reduction of acne scars.
However, given we three were using the product, the bottle lasted 15 days for us but the effect of the product was lasting enough. Overall, this is one of the best face serums there is for every age group though it is extremely pricey. But the results I have experienced were miraculous and hence I cannot blame the company for such a price tag.
Beautiful fragrance that is lasting
Consistency that gets absorbed easily in the skin irrespective of skin type
Heals acne scars, and dry, dehydrated and flaking skin
Reduced dark spots significantly
A little goes a long way
Hydrates the skin and rejuvenates youthful radiance
Sturdy packaging
Completely herbal and no preservatives
Not available easily
One bottle would hardly last a month when used by a single person
Would I recommend?
Yes, if you do not mind spending thousands for such tiny bottle then go for it. It is effective indeed.
Rate: 4.5/5


DIY hair care- look great in minutes

Hi all!
It has been long since I last posted on my blog. I know I have been terribly irregular with my updates so today I have come back with some DIY tips which I follow for myself. It was Mahalaya yesterday and hence Durga Puja which is the greatest festival of Bengalis is just a week away. This is the time when we all do our level best to groom and take care of our hair and skin so that we can look our best throughout the Puja. After all pandal hopping is not just about roaming around the city but also making sure you can draw enough attention to yourself.
Your hair and skin is your base asset which you should take good care of. Today I am going to share my hair care routine which I follow to make sure I look my best during the pujas. My hair is basically ringlets which tend to get really frizzy during rainy season and remain so till the pujas so I do my best to tame them and keep them hydrated. the following pack will help you manage your hair well.

Key ingredients: Castor oil, Olive oil, Egg yolk, lemon juice
Making the pack is quite easy. Simply mix 2 egg yolk( this is the amount I require for my shoulder length hair), 2 tablespoon castor oil, 4 table spoon virgin coconut oil and 1 tablespoon lemon juice together. Spread this emulsion all over you scalp and hair and let it dry for 1 hour. After that, rinse off the solution with any mild shampoo. The lemon juice fights dandruff and also neutralises the smell of the eggs. The oils hydrate the hair and it is universally well known that egg is a good source of protein for hair. When your hair dries, the effect would be smooth, silky and soft hair. Do this once a week at least.
Apart from the packs I also use serums to tame them and give them that extra shine. When I do not have serums at hand, I simply apply couple of drops of non-sticky hair oils whichever I have at hand. Currently I substitute serums with the virgin coconut oil from Aloe Veda. Review would be coming up soon. All I have experienced till now is that it is excellent as a non-stick oil- not at all the sticky heavy drugstore coconut oil type.



In this case, i have the egg whites from two eggs which are left over. you can easily fry them and scramble them up and add them with sprouts salads with little amount of garlic vinaigrette.

Fiama Di Wills gentle exfoliating shower gel- lemongrass and jojoba review

Shower gels are like luxury for many and even I had always thought them quite unnecessary in my cleansing regime until recently. When you have the good old soap bars to keep company why go for shower gels at all? I bet there are many out there who feel the same way. But showers gels are milder than soaps generally and hence soothing on skin. They come in liquid or gel forms so they are easier to lather up and reach places where your soap fails. For me, they are more like indulgence when I want to spent some extra time relishing the bath. Today I am going to review one such shower gel hat I have been using recently and tell you about my experience with it. It is the Lemongrass and Jojoba variant from Fiama Di Wills brand.
Product Description:

Superior skin conditioning meets a luxurious bathing experience with Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel, an innovation from Laboratoire Naturel. The shower gel infused with skin conditioners brings to you gentle and effective care for youthful skin. Enriched with Lemongrass and jojoba beads, it gently exfoliates making the skin clear and smooth.”


The ingredients- did not feel like typing it all :D

The ingredients- did not feel like typing it all 😀

Price: Rs.180 (got a Loofah free with the bottle) for 175ml
The shower gel comes in a flip open bottle which itself is made of transparent plastic. The bottle is sturdy and the cap click shuts tightly. The colour of the cap is green and so are the labels with the name of the variant and the brand name. Overall, the packaging looks and good and feels sturdy but if you are planning on taking it with you, do not stuff it under all other things that you are carrying with you.

My take on Fiama di Wills Gentle exfoliating shower gel:
The texture and colour: The shower gel is chlorophyll green in colour and contains minute exfoliating particles and green globules. In the bottle it looks quite vivid as a green but when you take it on your palm it is transparent with a slight tinge of green.

The flip top cap

The flip top cap

The scent: The scent is strong and citrus. It is beautiful and heavenly to me. Anyone who is a fan of citrus and lemongrass scent with like this one. Initially I felt the scent is overwhelming and reminded me of phenyl for some reason, but after you have lathered it up and washed it off, the scent gets toned down and the scent is heavenly. The scent will last for a couple of hours on you; at least it does so for me.
Cleansing and exfoliation: The shower gel cleans well and lathers really well. It is especially effective with the loofah. The exfoliating particles are not hard on the skin and the gel is mild as well. It will not leave your skin dry in any way but I make it a point to use a moisturizer after bath every time anyways. The shower gel leaves the skin hydrated enough though.
Cost effectiveness: I need a couple of dollops for the entire body for thorough cleansing and after being used thrice a week by my mom, sister and me for the past three weeks, we have hardly managed to finish 1/5th of the bottle. So it is going to be lasting for another 3 months easily. So though priced higher than other drugstore shower gels available in Kolkata, it is still quite cheap.
Comparative analysis: I usually prefer exfoliating shower gels more than others, and if it comes with a pleasing fragrance, it is like a bonus point to me. So far I have used three varieties of shower gels from Palmolive and Fiama Di Wills which are the most popular drugstore shower gels here. In terms of exfoliation and quality, I would rank the Palmolive Jojoba and Coconut exfoliating shower gel best. In term of fragrance this one and Palmolive ginger and sandalwood are both equally good to me. But the best overall performance, accepting minor drawbacks, is provided by Fiama Di wills Jojoba and lemongrass is the best. It cleanses well without being harsh on the skin and at the same time has a really good fragrance that last for sometimes at least- in short, everything that I can possibly ask for from a drugstore brand shower gel. I am glad that my favourite jojoba coconut shower gel was unavailable and I picked up this instead because I have found another variety that I love as well.
Will I repurchase?
Yes, but that will have to wait quite a while until this bottle gets over.
Rate: 4.5/5 (0.5 deducted because initially it smells like phenyl and there is still another one which cleanses better than this one)

  • Availability
  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly
  • Cleanses well enough
  • Smells good
  • Hydrates skin
  • A little goes a long way
  • Exfoliating particles gentle on skin
  • Transparent bottle makes it easier to keep track of the amount used.


  • Contains SLS
  • Might leak if you dump it under all other stuffs in you travel bag
  • Initially smells harsh.