Voitre Face serum Review

However much I resolve not to indulge in more makeup and cosmetic products, resisting temptation is difficult when there are so many attractive offers and deals around us. I had been contemplating on subscribing for Fab Bag subscriptions for long and after going to through many mixed reviews about their repetitive and average products most of the time, I kept putting off the idea. Finally I subscribed after getting the notification that they would be giving one of the sugar matte lipsticks as a part of the bag. The voitre Face serum was among the other products that I received on that month. Read on to know how it fared for me.

The voitre face serum comes in a tiny glass bottle with a cap that also doubles as a dropper. The glass of the bottle is thick and dark- like the packaging of essential oils. The cap is golden in colour and there is a tag tied around the neck of the bottle that gives a brief introduction of the brand and also has the ingredient list.
Price: rs. 1500 approx. for 12ml


Texture and consistency
The product is milky and has a watery consistency. One has to shake the bottle every time before using it. The smell of the product is strong but not overpowering. The fragrance is heavenly. It is natural and floral and there is no artificiality about the scent.

My view on the Voitre Face serum:
I had already read a number of good reviews on this product and was ecstatic when I received it as a part of my first month fab bag subscription. This was my March fab bag subscription and my skin was feeling rather rough during the season change. I am not very dedicated about my skin care regime and only when there is some serious trouble that I feel the urge to take care of my skin. So needless to say, my skin was dry and chapped from the winter months and was some parts of my cheeks were hurting when I finally felt the need to be regular about moisturizing. This is when I received the serum.
One needs hardly a couple of drop of the serum for your entire face. After using the serum every night before bedtime for 15 days, I must admit the results were fabulous. First, the parts of my cheeks where the skin was chapped and flaking started healing and within a week it was completely healed- something that was just not happening even though I was already routinely using moisturizer twice a day since a week before getting this serum. By another week my skin was glowing, felt very soft to touch and was smooth and hydrated. The change was very much noticeable. My mother and my sister too used the serum. For my mother, the some of her dark spots were significantly reduced which hardy happened before even though she used various anti-ageing products. My sister also experienced reduction of acne scars.
However, given we three were using the product, the bottle lasted 15 days for us but the effect of the product was lasting enough. Overall, this is one of the best face serums there is for every age group though it is extremely pricey. But the results I have experienced were miraculous and hence I cannot blame the company for such a price tag.
Beautiful fragrance that is lasting
Consistency that gets absorbed easily in the skin irrespective of skin type
Heals acne scars, and dry, dehydrated and flaking skin
Reduced dark spots significantly
A little goes a long way
Hydrates the skin and rejuvenates youthful radiance
Sturdy packaging
Completely herbal and no preservatives
Not available easily
One bottle would hardly last a month when used by a single person
Would I recommend?
Yes, if you do not mind spending thousands for such tiny bottle then go for it. It is effective indeed.
Rate: 4.5/5


What would happen if harry potter was based in Kolkata?


Ever since I read the first book, my free times were mostly spent imagining myself as one of the students of Hogwarts. Sometimes, if I had the audacity to imagine myself as brilliant, I saw myself as Hermione- accompanying Harry on every expeditions and adventure. But I stumbled as I tried to follow him around given Europe or wherever the Hogwarts school is (you see, magical schools are really secretive about their whereabouts as per Bathilda Bagshot in Hogwarts: A history) since I hardly know the country. How nice it would have been had the story been set in Kolkata. The city of joy is a magic to be unravelled every day- every lanes and street hold their own history and magic that you can explore. What if there were…

Flying metros

Invisible to the muggles, flying metro would have been the perfect substitute to knight bus in Kolkata. You have to reach the metro station by either apparating, floo powder or with broomsticks and the train can take you across continents. It does not even need railway tracks and it is faster than aeroplanes. How cool is that?


Platform 17 ¾


The new platforms of Howrah station are less crowded and hence the ideal place to reach the magical platform undetected. The chaotic coherence in the spirit of Kolkata is particularly manifested in the bustling heritage station which resembles platform 9 ¾ every time a train arrives at any platform. No- you don’t have to walk through the pillars here, though, it is too scary for an eleven-year-old. Platform 17 ¾ can be reached simply by flushing yourself down a particular toilet here.

The Diagon alley of Kolkata- icchepuron goli

The magical street where you can find everything you need has to be around Dharmatala in Kolkata. What can be more fitting that the central Kolkata region where you can find everything and anything. To reach the place that is located right below the Hogg Market, go inside New Market at the centre where the alleys within the market converge at the tiny shop in the middle. All you have to do is simply walk through the shop and there you are- at “icchepuron goli”.


Floating school

Take a train to Hogwarts which is located in the heart of the Ganges on a floating coral island guarded by the Mer people. Wondering how a train can travel under water? Don’t worry- Hogwarts express is equipped with floaters or trained giant squids to pull it forward while a special water-proofing charm protects its engines. The school often rise up on the surface of the river- not that you would feel the lack of sunlight or air underwater as well. After all, Hogwarts enjoys a natural ambience even within the building itself with its enchanted ceiling.

Crows instead of owls

Kolkata has plenty of crows and the magical community can actually get a great deal of use out of the rodents simply by petting them and training them to carry your letters.


Wands made of neem, mahogany, and saal

Wands made from the tropical and evergreen trees are the best choice here. A wand from the neem tree would perfectly match the ambience of Kolkata when to harry potter is set here. But resisting the urge to chew at it is an art to be mastered by many.


Am I raving with my imagination? Even if I am, I do not care to restrict myself. Magic is madness. Magic is imagination and Kolkata are magic. So you never know when you stumble upon real magic in this city.


This Blogpost is an entry to the blogging contest, a part of the book launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, in association with Kolkata Bloggers.

Image courtsey for all the images used in this post goes to google images.

What You would Love about a trip in Kashmir and my experiences

Though a lover of the seas personally, I love to travel in whole. A trip to Kashmir has been long due and at last, we finally managed to plan it. Kashmir has always been elevated to a dreamland and heaven on earth status- to me, this was a bit of exaggeration until I actually visited the place. Summing up the entire trip into a single post would be impossible and this has been so far, one of my best trips.

Going away

So we started for the trip on 26th of April by Himgiri express and the train was scheduled to start from Howrah station at 12 am sharp. This is the best train that one can avail from the Howrah station to Jammu Tawai. The other train is Jammu Tawai express which takes twice the time to reach the destination. The other option for reaching Jammu and Kashmir is by air from Kolkata. We reached the destination station in 37 hours which is 1 hour more than the scheduled time of arrival.



A view of the Bahu fort from Bahu Bagh- Jammu


The tour plan

We had decided to manage our holiday on our own but luckily dad decided against it in the last moment. So we opted for a package tour for 8 days that covered Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg and Srinagar. The trip started with a sightseeing of Jammu. Though we expected a cooler weather but Jammu in the month of April can compete and exceed Kolkata in terms of the heat. The first-day experience was not really what we were expecting. We met the person who would be taking us around Kashmir for the rest of the days. I would not say we were very optimistic when we met the guy but we were proved quite wrong over the next few days.


Patnitop- this is a landscaped children’s park really but the views of the hills are splendid on the way


The Lidder River-Pahalgam


Our experiences

There are so many experiences- big and small throughout this trip that it is difficult to compress all of it within a single post. So I would rather concentrate on a few pointers and suggestions that I have learnt from the overall experience of the trip.

The very first is, Kashmir is hot during April and may depending on the places you visit. Every day the road journey from one place to another in the morning almost reminded me of Kolkata. Once we reached the destinations which were above a certain altitude the temperature had decreased, but not on the way. The weather is extremely unpredictable in Kashmir. If it rains, the temperature drops drastically. Luckily we did not get any rain until the very last day of our trip.



the snow clad mountains from pahalgam


Betaab Valley- Sight seeing from pahalgam


If you visit any of the points like ice point in Gulmarg, the zero point from Sonamarg, places like Chandanwari- proper shoes and blazer is mandatory. I guess if we had the jackets suitable for the places, we could have simply rented the shoes alone.



Thajiwas Glacier


The road to Zero Point from Sonamarg


Opt for package trips rather than going on your own. At every point you would have to encounter people with whom you have to bargain about variety of things like rental for horses, for jeeps, for ice sports and the unrealistic amounts they quote cannot be bargained to a sensible price unless you have some local connections.



ice point- gulmarg






Roads are unpredictable- there are always high chances that you would be held up by traffic or even by herds of sheep, goats and even horses. We had an idea that Jammu to Srinagar or Jammu to Pahalgam would be 8 hour journey roughly. But in reality, it is a minimum of 11-12 hours and by all means, it can be more but not less unless your driver drives like a madman. This is a really adventurous drive but no doubt, a hectic one. Halfway through the trip, there is a place called Patnitop which has a number of resorts and is perfect for resting in. You can even manage rooms on hour basis for just cleaning up and resting for a while but, I guess, this is a settlement entirely dependent on the understanding between the guide or driver you have and the resort managements.



sunset on the dal lake- srinagar


pine forest- on the way to sonamarg


Heavy tips are charged by everybody wherever you go- whether the staffs in hotel or even the horsemen whom you hire and even the drivers. Do not give away a 1000 or a 500 rupees note and expect the change if you are tipping and wish to tip moderately. The trend to keep the change and refuse to give it under several pretence is quite consistent at every place we went to.

Snow fighting is fun but up to a certain limit- you would definitely not enjoy the blisters you get from excessive clawing in the snow. If you want, get proper snow gloves and do not take inspiration from the local people and start clawing the snow bare handed. This can be tolerable for a few minutes but not for hours if you are planning on spending that long in the snow. My sister got blisters and I ended up with numb and stiff fingers.

If you really want to get the feel of ice sports like skiing, and sledging then Sonamarg is the best place- to be precise the zero point. The prices they quote are reasonable and one does not have to bargain and lot and the experience you have is priceless. One can also come across similar sports in Chandanwari and Gulmarg as well but they are like child’s play compared to the experience one has at zero point and they are by far unrealistically expensive.

In short, these are all I could think of for now. I will go down to detailed descriptions of each day of the trip in mu next post. So stay tuned and keep reading.

My first ever Blog Sale! :D

It is so true that a girl can never have enough of makeup and when things go overboard, blog sales are there at our rescue. sometimes I do not even know why I get certain things I might rarely use but then I cannot resist the temptation of new things at times. So, here goes my first ever blog sale which I have been planning for quite a while. The products I have here are not used as such and in fact some are brand new except that I have swatched them today.

streetwear megasine parrty melon

Brand new

Price: rs.120


urban decay naked-2 dupe

used- 5 to 6 times, some colors are untouched though.

price- rs. 700

This is a Urban decay Naked 2 palette dupe I picked up from a Thailand counter in the international trade fair of kolkata last year. So far, the performance has been great and until I had my 120 colour palette, this was the palette I would opt opt when I had to use eyeshadows.


maybelline dream matte liquid mousse- light 5- creamy natural

used- 3-4 times

price- rs.400

Had it matched my tone perfectly, I would have never thought off parting with this one. This foundation has pink undertones and supposedly the darkest of the light category of foundation in this range, though on me, my face never matched my neck.


Kiss Beauty blush palette

brand new- just swtached

price- rs.120

A korean brand we often locate at some online sites, I got this at a store in Kolkata. The pigmentation is quite dense, but coral and cool tones pink and fuchsia are not my cup of tea.


Colorbar Velvet Matte range thrilling pink

used- 2-3times

Price- rs.200

reviewed here


roots professional thermal round brush small

price- 120

used, but thoroughly cleaned



vega round brush+ elle 18 lipstick

price- rs.130

  • sale within india only
  • confirm the product you want by commenting here, make payment within 24 hours of the confirmation. in case any product that interest multiple customers, the first to confirm would be given preference.

New year Look- Burgundy Eyes

Today’s post is going to be really brief as I have to get going. This is basically a look I created for New Year and this one is comparatively dramatic than the previous one I did. I am not very fond of dramatic looks and even when i try to create something dramatic I end up creating something “mildly” dramatic- that is what I would call this particular look. I rarely use berry and burgundy colour  and in this look, I based entire color scheme around pink and berry tones.

For the eyes, pearl finish burgundy, burnt-sienna and chocolate brown as transition colour has been used. For the lips, I have used a subtler rose pink colour. The makeup is suitable for any berry toned dress and would also look flattering with emerald green and peach dresses in contrast.

Here is the breakdown images for the Look:



the lip colour is from estee lauder double wear range- just ginger and topped with maybelline hypershine gloss in forever mauve


This is the entire look. I planned this post for yesterday but got stuck in some work.

So, I am off to my day’s plan.

Wish You All  A Happy New Year In Advance and enjoy the day!

Chicken In mixed herbs and Honey

When you are a foodie, striving for good food is a second nature. you cannot help search for new recipes or invent some. This is how I came up with this particular recipe. I had the bottle of mixed herbs lying around which I hardly used anywhere else apart from in pasta recipes and there was honey- the recipe was made on the go- without any idea of how it would end up tasting but it did definitely taste good or else I would not have been sharing it here. Hope you enjoy the recipe!

DSCN3944 copy


  • Boneless chicken- 500g
  • Mixed herbs- dried thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil- approximately 2table spoon
  • Lemon zest- from a whole lemon
  • Salt to taste
  • Freshly grounded black pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Homemade vinaigrette- ½ tea cup(75ml)
  • Honey-4-8 table spoon(depending on how sweet you want it to be)
  • Ginger paste- 1tablespoon

Direction for the vinaigrette:

Take vinegar and olive oil in the ratio of 1:2 and whisk them together in a bowl with a hand blender/machine blender/ spoon whatever you have at hand- the key point to be ensure is that the emulsion is thick and saucy. Add a pinch of salt, half a tea spoon black pepper, oregano, garlic paste (quarter tea spoon), half a lemon’s juice and whisk it again. This homemade version can be stored for a couple of week when you store it in an air tight jar.

DSCN3942 copy


  • Marinate the chicken pieces by rubbing little salt and black pepper on the bits and then sprinkling the herbs over the pieces and making sure that they are covered well with the herbs. Then add zest from half a lemon and squeeze half a lemon. Put aside this marinade in the freeze- there is no rule for how long you need to keep this- I kept it for some 5-6hours because I would not have had time for preparing this marinade later in the day.
  • Heat the regular olive oil (about 2 table spoon) in the pan and then add the chicken pieces to the pan along with the marinade that is leftover if any. Add salt according to your taste and more pepper if you want to. I added more oregano as well.
  • Keep stirring the chicken pieces and add the ginger paste and stir the chicken some more to ensure they do not stick to the pan.
  • Add the vinaigrette and the honey (I used 3 tablespoon) and cover the pan for 10mins or until the chicken is completely tender and it is done.

DSCN3940 copy


  • You can make the vinaigrette by putting all ingredients in a mason jar and tightly closing the lid and shaking it vigorously.
  • When you add the vinaigrette it crackles a lot- so be careful.
  • Tastes good hot or cold- it is perfect for snacking and also as a side dish too.
  • thyme, rosemary, oregano are difficult to find fresh in India but you can find bottled dried versions in super markets in the spices section.
  • the smaller pieces are easier to cook but i suppose it will taste better with larger pieces.