Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation review

Searching for the right shade of foundation is one of those eternal “quests” a perfectionist woman has to go through. Being someone who prefers to stick to the sheerest formulas to avoid shade matching mayhem, I have always avoided buying a foundation. The first one I ever got was a pink toned one and looked ghastly on me which I turned blind to and still used it, the second one I got from online store and while it matched my face in terms of undertones, it is still slightly fairer and so I was quite excited seeing the shades launched here in the maybelline new launches fit me matte and poreless range. I always had difficulty to make the SA agree to jawline testing but this guy at the store complied and it became so easy to find what I need. After testing three shades I zeroed down to 310 sun beige which is the fourth shade of the range launched here.

Company claims:

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Available for different skin tones.
  • 6 different shades
  • 25% anti-shine perlite + micro blurring

The shade names enlisted on the website does not match the names on the bottles of the foundation at stores. The shade names on the bottles are 115 ivory, 230 natural buff, 128 warm nude, 310 sun beige, 322 warm honey and 330 toffee caramel.


Price: Rs.525 for 30ml



My view on the product:

The foundation comes in a heavy glass bottle with a black cap which is a screw down one. The brand name, variant or range and other details are mentioned on the bottle. The bottle is sturdy enough and it survived a fall soon after I bought it, unscathed. But the major complain that I have about the packaging is that it does not have any pump or at least a spatula so getting the foundation out without wastage is a tedious job.


The consistency of the foundation is more creamy than liquidy. I usually shake the bottle and then pour on my fingertips and apply the foundation at one part of my face at a time. the foundation sets faster than any foundation ( Maybelline dream matte liquid mousse and makeup revolution the matte effect foundation) so it is better to go part by part than trying to do the whole face at a time. I have tried applying it with brush by stippling it and with fingers and the results with fingers were the best. I am yet to try it out with a sponge though.

The shade sun beige is meant for neutral undertones or yellow undertones and it is the perfect match for me, on my neck as well as face. In fact, in terms of shades, I am overjoyed to have found the perfect match at last which is not even tiniest bit darker or lighter than my tone. The shade selection in general would suit Indian skin tones well though I wish there were chocolate tones as well so everyone could find their shades perfectly. The darkest shade is dark enough for dusky to brown skin tones but in India at least, we have a huge range of skin colour and six shades are not just enough- especially when they have twenty four shades in total for this range in the international market. The coverage is medium and buildable to full. I prefer to use one coat though and since I do not have many problem areas building the coverage is not very much necessary for me.


Staying power is quite good though the real test would be when summer arrives in Kolkata. Till now the foundation wears well for 4hours without any sign of wear and tear or oiliness which is the longest time I managed to test it outdoors. However the formula emphasises flaked skin and the matte finish can make the skin feel taut and dry. Though I have combination skin, it turns extremely dry on the cheeks in nose during winters and without proper exfoliation and moisturization, wearing the foundation can get difficult.

I have visible pores on my nose though nothing that is extraordinarily large and this foundation do cover them up well. The foundation however transfers if you rub your face somewhere. I discovered this when I hugged my sister who was wearing a white shirt- I suppose she would know what the yellow marks are if she reads this! Anyway, do watch out for such mishaps! I did not set it with any powder or setting spray and this happened. I have to see what happens when I set it with something.

The foundation photographs really well in artificial light and sunlight. If it match your shade perfectly, it would look fine in flash photographs as well. Overall, the foundation is a very affordable option that does meet all the basic requirements we have from a foundation on daily basis as well as during any party as well.

blog (3)

if you look closely at the images,the encircled part is has some redness and pigmentation which gets quite covered after the foundation was applied


  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly
  • The shade selection is quite suitable for most average Indian skin tones
  • Matte finish
  • Reduced pore visibility considerably if you have average open pores
  • Keeps oiliness at bay for quite sometimes
  • Photographs really well


  • The packaging- not even a spatula if not a pump
  • Emphasizes flaky skin
  • Rubs off on surfaces
  • Shade selection is limited when extreme skin tones are taken into consideration(chocolate tones)- not a personal con though
  • Most shades are yellow toned except the lightest two-pink toned women may have trouble finding their best match- again, not a personal con

Rate: 4/5

On a personal level, despite the troubles of rubbing off surfaces and packaging, this has become my HG budget drugstore foundation and I will buy this one again and again just for the shade unless I find another HG foundation.

 P.S: I missed out about the smell. It smells, as my sister describes “like beer” and I find her description just right. It has a very strong alcoholic smell which luckily evaporates within minutes of application. While I am not very sensitive smell of any kind so it is fine for me, someone who is might find this smell awful.


My first ever Blog Sale! :D

It is so true that a girl can never have enough of makeup and when things go overboard, blog sales are there at our rescue. sometimes I do not even know why I get certain things I might rarely use but then I cannot resist the temptation of new things at times. So, here goes my first ever blog sale which I have been planning for quite a while. The products I have here are not used as such and in fact some are brand new except that I have swatched them today.

streetwear megasine parrty melon

Brand new

Price: rs.120


urban decay naked-2 dupe

used- 5 to 6 times, some colors are untouched though.

price- rs. 700

This is a Urban decay Naked 2 palette dupe I picked up from a Thailand counter in the international trade fair of kolkata last year. So far, the performance has been great and until I had my 120 colour palette, this was the palette I would opt opt when I had to use eyeshadows.


maybelline dream matte liquid mousse- light 5- creamy natural

used- 3-4 times

price- rs.400

Had it matched my tone perfectly, I would have never thought off parting with this one. This foundation has pink undertones and supposedly the darkest of the light category of foundation in this range, though on me, my face never matched my neck.


Kiss Beauty blush palette

brand new- just swtached

price- rs.120

A korean brand we often locate at some online sites, I got this at a store in Kolkata. The pigmentation is quite dense, but coral and cool tones pink and fuchsia are not my cup of tea.


Colorbar Velvet Matte range thrilling pink

used- 2-3times

Price- rs.200

reviewed here


roots professional thermal round brush small

price- 120

used, but thoroughly cleaned



vega round brush+ elle 18 lipstick

price- rs.130

  • sale within india only
  • confirm the product you want by commenting here, make payment within 24 hours of the confirmation. in case any product that interest multiple customers, the first to confirm would be given preference.

Maybelline Bold Matte 02 lipstick Review

Hi friends!
This month I am in a mood for bright lips and hence I am posting about lipsticks time and again. This time it is another favorite from Maybelline( looks like 80% of my makeup collection is from them) from the Bold Matte Range in the shade MAT02. I actually have a love-hate relation to it. You will soon find out why.


Brand Claims:

Get sensational lips with Maybelline’s Bold Matte by Color Sensational Lip Colors.

Offering 5 trendy shades in a brilliant matte texture, these lip colors look and feel great on your lips. Let your lips speak volumes with Maybelline’s 1st matte lipstick in India!

Here’s why you’ll love it:

• Enriched with rosa canina oil and jojoba oil for a moisturizing effect

• Contains honey nectar which has a hydrating effect

• Has powderless matte pigments for attractive, vivid shade

Price: Rs.425 for approx 3.5g


The lipstick comes in a silver casing with a translucent red matte plastic cap that click shuts firmly on the lipstick bullet. The packaging is travel friendly and the name of the lipstick is there underneath the case.


My take on the lipstick:

This is by far the boldest color that I have in my collection. I was in search of a coral lipstick which was matte and I ended up with this one since the hand swatch looked beautiful on my inner arm. My bubble of happiness was abruptly burst when I tried in on my lips after coming back home. In the natural light without any base makeup, the colour looked awful on me. So initially I hated it unless I worked out ways in which I can look good wearing this colour.


The shade is a bright germanium red that can look more pink or more red based depending on your skin tone and lip pigmentation. On me, the colour looks more towards red. I soon found out, that I can carry it even without any base makeup when I do not look dead tired and have cleansed by face off any grime and dirt and that it looks better on me under sunlight than in incandescent light. The pigmentation of the lipstick is very good and it applies as opaque in two swipes at most. The best thing about this lipstick is the staying power- it survives light snacking, does not transfer once it is set and stays put without fading much up to 6-8 hours. It does not bleed as well. However to wear this lipstick with perfection you have to ensure that your lips are smooth and hydrated. When you apply the lipstick it feel very smooth without any tugging but sets in a perfect matte finish.


In all, it can be concluded as a quality lipstick. I got it back when these beauties were cost Rs.375 and that was really value for money. But at Rs.425, I would say you can explore and find out similar qualities too. For me, it is a personal favorite since I managed to work out ways in which I can carry this shade but I do not think i would be buying it again.


  • availability
  • affordability
  • true matte and not drying
  • beautiful shade for fair to medium skin-toned women who have pink undertones
  • fabulous staying power
  • does not feather or bleed
  • negligible transfer


  • limited shades- only 5
  • makes your teeth look yellow 😛
  • have to exfoliate and prepare your lips well

Maybelline colossal kajal Review

My love for kohl was never very intense and that is basically because I did not like getting raccoon eyes every time. As a kid the only kohl I was familiar with is the Lakme kajal. Waterproof and kajal can go hand in hand was a dream then until maybelline came up with their colossal kajal which became a instant favorite for me. So by now you can understand that I would be raving about this kajal in the review- saying that,  I would try and not be biased. 😛

What the brand claims:

Colossal effect: Enriched with Olive oil esters,Vitamin E, Vitamin C derivatives and conditioning agents,Colossal kajal has our deepest black formula,a unique tip and exclusive color fix formula,which gives you smooth intense black colour that stays on for up to12 hours. The Colossal Kajal is ophthalmologically tested and is suitable for contact lens wearers.


The packaging:
The kajal comes in a slim, yellow twist up pencil like tube with bold black lettering printed on the tube mentioning the name and brand. The twist up functions well but in certain faulty tubes, it can break– happened with me on my second tube and it is irreparable- the kajal becomes completely useless when you cannot twist up the product. But overall it is travel friendly and sturdy otherwise. It can fit very well in the slimmest of purses.

My take on the kajal:

I have been using this kajal since it was launched in its 6 hour formulation. I am through with three tubes already so you can understand that how well in like this kajal. I find the new 12hour formulation to be a definite improvement. The kajal is smoother while applying and does not cause any kind of stress on my eyes while applying. my eyes are not watery but I have oily eyelids and hardly any kajal lasts on my waterline or eyelids. But this particular kajal fares well enough. On my waterline it lasts 5-6hours without smudging during winters and in summers, around 4 to 4.5 hours. On the eyelid is lasts much longer- i have not really tested whether it is true to the 12 hour claim but it definitely stays put without smudging on mu eyelids from morning till the time I return home which is often quite late.wpid-dscn1793-copy.jpg.jpeg

The pigmentation of the kajal is not the blackest black that you can get but black enough. The kajal cannot be sharpened and hence after the tip gets blunt you have to be very careful with application to get the finest lines. The kajal is matte and removing it can be quite a pain. It fades with soap and water but to completely get rid of it, I use Baby oil.


It does not sting my eyes in any way. I use it majorly in the upper lash line so that my lash looks fuller, but I have not seen any kind of adverse effect so far. The kajal is used by my mother and sister as well who have dry and normal skin type respectively. They too have never faced any kind of trouble.One kajal lasts fairly for a long time despite being used by three people in my home- at least for 3months. So it is indeed cost effective. Overall this is one kajal that is perfect for someone on a budget.wpid-dscn1808-copy.jpg.jpeg wpid-dscn1813-copy.jpg.jpeg


  • available easily
  • budget friendly
  • pigmented enough
  • truly waterproof and smudgeproof
  • does not sting eyes
  • travel friendly


  • if the twist mechanism malfunctions-the entire tube becomes useless.

Will I repurchase?

I have been repurchasing it for all these times now.

Comparative analysis:

So far I have used three kajals- lakme eyeconic in black, maybelline colossal kajal, and Lo’real Kajal magique. among these, maybelline is truly waterproof and smudgeproof and lasts the longest on my oily eyelids and waterline. Lakme is the blackest and smoothest is formulation though it starts smudging within 2hours on my waterline. Lastly Lo’real is neither pigmented nor lasting so I will skip talking about it at all.

Rate: 4.5/5(0.5 deducted for the mayhem I had with my second tube)